Astron Astronomical Instrument Solutions

Astronomical Instrument Solutions


Sky watcher Collapsible 10" Dobsonion Reflecting Telescope. 

Futuristic Suppose

  • Carl Zies Jena Refactor telescopes cleaning & Eyepieces arrangement.                  
  •  Meade 10" LX200R UHTC Drive system.
  • Celestrocn C8 SCT .
  • Celestron 4 SE Telescope with Goto mount.
  • Bushnell 10x50 Binocular.
  • AltAzimuth Mount for Meade 60mm Achromate OTA.
  • Light Baffal for 18" Obsession Newtonian Reflector Telescope.
  • Design & Install New Telescope for ISPA  (Institute of Space & Planetary Astrophysics) observatory University of Karachi.
  • Carl Zies Telementor.



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Equipment Currently Under Service / Design.

  •  Webster C24" Newtonian telescope assembling.
  •  Meade 16" LX 200 ACF SCT Collimation .
  •  Telrad Finder for ISPA observatory telescope .  
  •  Celestron C8, SCT, RA drive controller.
  •  Solar filter for 8" Meade 2080 SCT Optical tube assembly.
  •  Solar filter housing 70mm for Celestron C8 SCT.
  •  Alt/Az Mount for Astronomical Binocular.
  •  Bushnell 10x50 Binocular China..
  •  Breaker Optical 7x60 binocular Eyepiece assembly fixing.
  •  Tento 10x50 Binocular USSR Refurbishing.
  •  Ertl  D= 50mm: FL=700 Achromat Refractor f14, Made in Japan.
  •  Power cord 12V DC for Meade LX 200 10" RCT
  • 12 Volts Power Pack 7 Amp Designing for Celestron Telescopes.
  •  Fabrication of a Universal DSLR camera mounting for Nexstar goto mount.
  •  Dew Shield for Meade 8" 2080 SCT.
  •  Nikon Action 10x50  binocular for optical cleaning.  
  •  Re cleaning of Obsession 18 " Telescope Mirror.


  • "As u all know that buying a telescope in Pakistan is impossible but i really thanks to Al Mighty Allah who made me meet Mr. Abbas Jafri who is a great and very helpful person. H..."
    Hussain Abbas
    Celestron SLT 130
  • "I bought a Meade 60mm refracting telescope from a local scrap yard in Karachi and the telescope was in very bad condition.I gave the telescope to Abbas Jafri for renovation and ..."

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