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Karachi Amature Astronomical Society.


M.Sc in Physics now field of interest in Astronomy and astrophysics, An active member of KAS Karachi  Astronomers Society.

Astronins is handling all most all astro gears of KAS.


Milky way Orion  Arm.Constellation Orion and Canis Major 

Photo by Abbas Jafri. Canon 550D.1x25 sec  at Mirpur Sakro Dec 2015



   KAS at Balochistan  &  Lake Karlie



 Sagittarius arm of Milky way Galaxy. Photo by Hanif Bhatti, Canon EOS 40D.



 KAS at World Space Week Exhibition. NED University of Engineering Karachi. 8/9 Oct 2011.

Karachi Astronomers Society is recently established we have largest telescope of Pakistan 18" Obsession, Webster Telescopes 24 inch under assembling currently  and many ,

Webster C24" reflector telescope with Canady optics & ArgoNavis tracking.

18" Obsession .

Meade 10" LX200R UHTC Ritchey-Chrétien

Celestron C8 SCT.

Meade 8" 2080 SCT..

Mizar 6" Reflector.

Sky Watcher 4" ED Refractor.

SkyMax 5" Maksutov cassegrain.

Vixen SBIT 80mm Refractor Binoscope.

Vixen R130S Reflector.

Meade DS2130 Reflector.

Celestron Nexstar 130SLT Reflector.

Dakosco 4" Reflector

Mizar 60mm Refractor.

Lunt L S 35 Solar scope with Hydrogen Alpha filter.

Many binoculars,32mm & 22mm 88* degree Nagler Type 5, 14mm 100* Explorescintific Eye Pices.Denekmeier power switch diagonal and much more.

All these above listing equipments are operated by me and I provide required services for them.

KAS motive is that to spread the awareness of Astronomy, Science & Technology in Pakistan.

Thanks on the collaboration with the members of

 Cold night with Celestron 130 SLT. Photography by Nadir.Nikon D7000.  

 Milky way Galaxy ,Wide angle photography by Nadir.Nikon D7000.



Abbas Jafri.

27/H Rizvia Society


Karachi/Pakistan 74600

Contact: +923003333237!/profile.php?id=742885692